Is Planet PHP still maintained ?

I've started a new blog where I plan to post some contents about PHP, HTML_QuickForm2 and some other stuff I work on, and I have asked the Planet PHP maintainers to aggregate my PHP feed, but two weeks later, I still haven't had a reply from them. So if anyone knows who I should contact, please let me know.

My new blog can be found here :
The PHP feed is more specifically here :
Also, you might want to let the Planet PHP developers that their site looks broken today, probably because of a problem with a feed.
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Martin Fjordvald @ 17.06.2011 23:13 CET
I asked a few months ago and have not received a response either. I think it's one of those "check once every 6 months if I remember" type of email accounts.
Gabriele Mohl @ 18.06.2011 10:33 CET
I had the e-mail we (at) as a valid address. Last time (in march 2011) I sent e-mails to that adress no one answered. The planet-php-software is supported by programmers of [] . Due to my memory regarding persons I don't remember, who at feels responsible for the software. Help with the fact, who can be contacted, will be appreciated. Especially as the german clone [] has exactly the same "display problems" as [] this very moment.
Matthias @ 18.06.2011 15:27 CET
I guess you should contact Christian Stocker, []
golgote @ 18.06.2011 19:42 CET
Thanks, I'll try to contact Christian directly then.
Girish R @ 20.06.2011 12:25 CET
You are most welcome to submit your links at

Girish R
Christian Stocker @ 22.06.2011 05:40 CET
No, Planet PHP is not unmaintained, we just sometimes have enough other things (like a day job and a family) to do than clear the submission queue within a reasonable timeframe. Sorry about that. We're working on it.
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I asked a few months ago and have not received a response either. I think it's one of those "check once every 6 months if I remember" type of email accounts.
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